Doctors Australia's mission is to deliver the best possible healthcare experience for patients

The idea for Doctors Australia began decades ago with the vision to take a better approach to healthcare, one that focussed on the patient. A vision where people could lead fuller, healthier lives through prevention and where patients could fully trust, understand, and effortlessly interact with the healthcare system. Today, Doctors Australia continues on this mission through our innovative, online health platform, providing our members with the health services and resources needed to easily understand and manage their healthcare, helping them to live happier and healthier lives.

The Doctors Australia online platform allows patients to manage their family's health records, research their health conditions, conveniently access a variety of healthcare services, and much more. By facilitating a seamless interaction between patients and the healthcare system, we are able to ensure better health outcomes with greater convenience and lower cost.


How We Are Different

A Focus On Prevention - With an aging population and 68% of Australia having a preventable chronic disease, prevention has never been more important. We have built a suite of preventative healthcare services to help our members stay on top of their health, including medically-verified risk factor assessments and early detection reminders.

You Own Your Data - We believe that everyone should have complete control over their healthcare data, including their ability to access it anywhere, at anytime.

All Your Needs in One Place - The healthcare system is complex and we want to provide our members with a seamless, effortless experience. By continuing to bring on board leading industry partners we are able to provide patients with a single platform for an increasing number of their healthcare needs.


Our Team

Dr Madeleine Lovell photo and biography link

Dr Madeleine Lovell - MBBS, BMedSc, FRACGP (Chair & Medical Director)

Madeleine is a medical doctor with extensive experience as a general practitioner and owner of medical clinics for over 25 years. She graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. She is also a former examiner for the RACGP Registrar Program.

Bob Biddle photo and biography link

Bob Biddle - MBA, FAICD, FAHRI, FAIM, AFACHSM (Chief Executive) 

Bob has worked in healthcare for over 35 years including 12 years as a senior executive with the Australian Government. He is a serial entrepreneur who, prior to Doctors Australia, established a large healthcare technology company that employed over 30,000 healthcare workers in healthcare facilities across Australia. He studied at Melbourne University and has been recognised through a number of high profile awards including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Services in 2002.

Malcolm Lovell photo

Malcolm Lovell - BEcon (General Manager of Operations) 

Malcolm has extensive experience as a general manager of medical clinics and as a strategic business consultant to government and private sectors. After running a consultancy firm for over 10 years, he began working as the owner and managing director of a general practice group in 2011, servicing over 50,000 patients. This business was recently sold in 2018 and he has since turned his focus to the digital health industry.

Jody Biddle photo

Jody Biddle - BSc (Computing), MBA (Head of Technology and Development)

Jody has over 30 years’ experience in developing and managing information technology systems for business, including 20 years as the Chief Information Officer of Origin Healthcare. In addition to this, he has worked on solutions for RACV, Colonial First State, Sony, and many others.

Richard Bailey photo and biography link

Richard Bailey (Art Director)

Richard is a highly experienced and well-known creative art director who has worked on high profile projects with well-known companies including DisneyToon Studios, Media World Studios and Ettamogah Entertainment. Richard produced all Doctors Australia animated characters and has directed the work of animators, illustrators, story tellers and voice over artists to establish our large library of consumer-facing, medically-verified content, which includes written articles, illustrations and animations. Richard was instrumental in developing our innovative work practices and production processes with doctors, medical writers and script writers to ensure accuracy as well as managing a range of out-sourced production studios ensuring production expectations and the highest best practice processes.

Elliott Lovell photo and biography link

Elliott Lovell - PhB (Hons) (Head of Customer Experience and Planning)

Elliott's interests focus on finding customer-driven solutions to accelerate health-tech innovation. After working in product development, software design/development, and client support and engagement for a number of years he began focussing his skills on healthcare solutions, an area that he has always felt deeply passionate about, having long been involved with family-owned medical clinics. He has a Bachelors of Philosophy in Physics from the Australian National University with first class honours and brings this analytical approach to his role at Doctors Australia.

Dina Goebel photo and biography link

Dina Goebel - MEnt (Strategy and Growth Advisor)

Dina has extensive commercial experience as a strategic leader in health insurance and in senior sales and marketing roles. Her passion centres on innovation, growth strategy, and customer-centred business design.


We are supported by our Medical Advisory Board.


Meet the team

The Doctors Australia team, past and present, have worked hard to make your health our priority.


Be part of the journey 

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